About us and our precious memories

We are sisters....

who adored our parents.  We had the best mother and father that anyone could ever be blessed with.  We were lucky to have shared the most wonderful family times with our three brothers.  Unfortunately times change, our parents have passed away and now need to continue on, without them.

After their passing, our family was faced with going through their belongings and possessions.  We sorted through all of them one by one, crying and laughing while remembering different times and events where they had worn certain outfits.  We never dreamed how many memories were hidden in their clothing.  We put some of our favorite clothing aside and donated the rest to charity.

Memory bear idea

We thought hard about what to do with their clothing that would be special for us, special for our family and special for our parents.  Mom had taught the two of us how to sew at a fairly young age.  Sewing was one of our mother's favorite hobbies and we enjoyed sharing that with her.  Our decision was to make Teddy Bears from their clothing for each of our brothers, our parent's grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Best holiday ever

We surprised each family member with the heartwarming gift of memory bears at our family Christmas gathering.  Our parents touched us again, as each of us opened our unique memory bear gift.  It was a very special day, with precious memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank you Mom & Dad!